Thursday, November 7, 2013

My chaise

I am between apartments so this was maybe a bad time to restart the blog… 
am just saying there might be a lot of collages this month as my scanner is in storage so no new drawings are gonna make it into a computer. 

At the same time, by coincidence or reaction, I have fallen in love with a Marrimekko fabric chaise.
I saw it in a shop on South Granville 2 months ago and it just stayed in my head. I am fighting an urge to spend almost my whole rent to buy it. It promises happiness to me. How cool would it be that the only two pieces of furniture i own in Canada are a drawing table and this flower print chaise.

That actually feels good to me.

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  1. Back in England I have a house full of stuff, stuff I need, want, like, love but also stuff that should have been cleared out and gotten rid off a long time ago. Here in Amsterdam I have very, very few things and they are mostly sketchbooks, art material, select few art books and the comfiest sofa you could imagine. That's it. And I love it. I love how easy it is to live with so few real essential things. You'll know if you and this chaise are meant to be together and somehow i think we might just see a post here in the near future with you on it, making art and looking happy :)


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