Sunday, November 20, 2011

Have courage to be a woman

I was at a party last night (fast report; nothing special, nice people, fairly fun night) and there was this girl who was very lovely, round my age but with a personal trait I find very problematic. I can't say I am irritated by it as I had the same problem… in high school! But I find it a big problem when a women of 30 (or maybe even more in her case) still dresses and acts like a 14 year old tomboy who tries to hide the fact she is developing breasts.
I know accepting one's sexuality and growing into your femininity isn't an easy task and that it is a lifelong process, but when I see women (/girls) like this (or men who are still boys) I just want to shout: For goodness sake, snap out of it!!! You ARE A WOMEN, not a girl. You have boobs and that's ok, so stop wearing your older brother's T-shirts.
To set the record clear, we all know about my tendency for Nike High Dunk trainers, so I am not advocating all women should dress in Roland Mouret Galaxy dress and wear exclusively 6 inch heals to make a statement of their womanhood. It is more than just clothes. It is the attitude, it is the acceptance of your sex, it is about growing up and not being afraid of who you are.
This is a huge subject and I know I can not begin to cover it plus I don't want to get overly pathetic in "celebrating" femininity. Am just getting it out there and here is a lovely very feminine drawing for every one to enjoy.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Free expression

Aaaah…. feels good.
This is one of those that just leeks out my hand. Not like I am not drawing it, but I am not quite sure where does it come from exactly. And when it's done (if it is done) I feel release.
I don't know why I feel that somehow I am talking about bodily functions, like it's all a bit TMI. I guess I'll know once the comments start coming in, right?
Anyways off to the theater tonight. Haven't been in months. Last time I went I've seen the most God awful play in the entire Universe of millions of galaxies ( trust me I am not exaggerating. I might even be kind!). So fingers crossed Croatian theater doesn't try to stick it to me again tonight.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Love at first sight

Imagine this. Lie in Saturday morning. I do what I usually do at any free time (at least lately)… browsing for clothes on line. Am mostly in the thank-you-am-just-looking mood, nothing specific, more just looking what's the situation with shoes (I made a decision to improve my shoe situation). And then it happens… Pink.Leather.Brogues. Nothing fancy but just so perfect. Just on the right side of fun and serious for me. Works with everything I have (and it works because I said so). They are smart and funny at the same time. They make me giggly right away. I instantly imagine our new happy life together. It's love at first sight… and THIS is how I imagine love should happen. If it can happen with shoes, why couldn't it with men? I know what you are going to say, but still, wouldn't it be nice if it happened like with my new pink brogues.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sunny side up

This is what I would like to be doing now. Sitting somewhere pretty staring into the sun. Sun makes me better. Sun makes me more cheerful. And sun makes me want to be outside, and not in the office working. And this is were I am now. Soon it will be dark and I won't be able to take my sunnies and play out this drawing. So I made a drawing. Almost as good as the real thing.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Colour accents work great on grey concrete

Lately I have been right obsessed with clothes. I browse every frigging website that sells clothes I can find ( yeah, that's the 2011 version of being obsessed by clothes. No real shops for me, thank you!). I now have folders and folders of planned purchases… Who and how will it be financed, only God knows (but then again that's  It's job).
The thing is I love buying winter clothes much more than summer clothes (wonder why!?!?). Especially on years like this when bright coloured coats are all the rage, when no-one winces on combinations like this, when colour combos are pretty much "yeah, whatever you got, goes".  When I don't have to worry about trends for bare midriffs, for backless shirts that make sense only when worn without a bra (in my size this is NOT an option)…. Aaaah, wonderful winter with printed scarfs (only way I know how to work prints) and elegant leather boots, with cinnamon and mulled wine.
I even like the naked trees; they add a very graphic feel to every landscape. Also as I now live in the part of the city that boast with being great example of all the architectural flops of our communist era, I HAVE to have great clothes. I owe this to my and my fellow citizens mental health! Or at least this is what I keep telling myself while typing in my security code once again.

Friday, November 4, 2011

It's raining men

Don't judge me for the title of the post. I mean, how often do you see men on this blog? And now there are two. I think this qualifies as rain. Or at least a drizzle. Which IS a kind of rain.
But anyway, remember that salon I've been telling you about that I did drawings for. Well these are the guys I did for it. I haven't shown you the lady that will actually be there but she is stunning. Love 'er! I'll post the pics once the salon opens.
Hope you are enjoying the boys. I mostly did, although drawing them was a bit anxious for me. I was afraid I'll make them look too feminine. I know what you think: "No problem, they will just be gay men". But gay men don't go well in the south of Croatia. Or north for that matter. But this is a discussion for another time.
Anyways, gay wasn't an option. I think I managed to make them look manly- ish, if a little poncy. Still, that's good enough for me.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lost in translation

Here is another Dolce & Gabbana. Considering my unkind words from a previous week, I sure do draw them a lot. Well, the thing is when I chose a model to draw, I am not only going for great fashion: some items are more drawable than others. There are some great great pieces that just aren't translatable into my visual language. I am not trying to sound pretentious, this is really true: my style (whatever it is) is quite blunt and doesn't stand for a lot of detail. It is expressive and often loud. It doesn't do fussy. It is clean and simple at it's best, and unfinished at worst. So when you have items with a lot of patterns that relies on a lot of details for impact, as much as I can like it, I know that there simply is no words in my language at the moment for expressing it right.
That said, I should try because otherwise how will I learn, right? Hence this lady that has movement (which I like and do) and pattern (which I don't like and almost never do). I just have a weakness for the 50's line. So romantic and sexy and feminine.
As I said not ground braking fashion, but still very lovely clothes. I'll get it on sale on Outnet.
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