Friday, August 24, 2012

Italian fashion friends

Here it is finally. I won't say it's finished because I can't guarantee that. Maybe I just see nowhere to go with it anymore. You know, I spent  more time and effort on this illustration than I usually do on three. First of all I am into print all of a sudden. What can I tell you... people change. So I wanted a lot of clashing print on it. So here is one from Prada and one from Botega Veneta. If I was one of those super rich people I would have, like, dozens and dozens of Botega Veneta dresses. I have this feeling that when you wear them, you feel like your life is a film. Because no way real life is ever that pretty. Ok, maybe, over dramatizing it a bit. But just a smidgen. You know am right on this one.
In other news, I've gone back to the drawing board. I hope am gonna be able to show some of it soon. I love working in ink on paper , but it doesn't have Cmd+Del option so you know... not all of them make it to the other side. Also I have entered a competition with really average work... which is definitely something for the therapy hour. What else, what else... my but hurts most of the time as am back to working out on the regular again. That's good news. And that's about it.
Till next time m'dears.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Back to my (round) life

Blimey, I can't wait to get back to the gym. Summer hedonism has taken it's toll on me. It's not so much that I have gained weight (although I probably did, but there is no proof cause I am not measuring anything!), it's more that all that pleasure, all the lovely food, lying on the beach, drinking wine and beer and cherry brandies, and having all kinds of sausages while drunk and having brownies for breakfast and having friends who have no concept of calories and look at me like am a weirdo when I mention oil has a bunch of them.... it just makes you... well rounder. Just all around rounder. Which wouldn't be a problem, I guess, when you start not round. But when you are already kind of round, rounder is a slippery slope. So this is why I literally need the gym. To stop any further rounding!
Am reusing this illustration from something else, but I promise this is necessary for few reasons. One is that I have been working on one illustration for quite a time now. It rarely takes that long for my illustrations but this one might be special.... or it could be absolutely shit. Not sure yet. I don't like when my illustration go into too pretty/ too cutesy territory.
Anyway you'll see.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I've sent a message to my ex boyfriend

And before you say: "Well that's stupid!", let me assure you: It's not. It's soooo embarrassingly stupid!
And here is why.
The reason I sent the message is very hippy-ish. Basically awesome festival is to be blamed! * So.. I was at a Terraneo and it was great and it was one awesome bend after another. And I loved it and loved it and loved it.... And a thought kept popping into my head. I was thinking " Life is so great, because, no matter what happened to whats-his-name** and no matter the very elegant way he broke up with me ***, he did introduce me to some GREAT music!". Because bunch of those bands I wouldn't have known about if he didn' t suggested them. He made me the coolest CD's. And I gave it a try and loved it. And I felt so so so grateful. I know I would have probably stumbled upon them myself, but I have a tendency to make up my mind before giving something a chance. For instance, I was sure I didn't like Arcade Fire because they were everywhere and everyone was talking about them and what's the big deal anyway!??! Turns out I love almost all off their songs. So yeah, I had a reason to be thankful!
But when I wrote this to him, in a shorter version and with still significant amounts of alcohol in my body all high on lovey dovey hippy hormones, it didn't sound this logical. It just sounded a bit weird as we didn't talk in couple of years and just... eeeek!.
Now, the second reason it was stupid is because of Facebook*. Although we are not friends anymore, Facebook decided to pair this message with the previous ones. So basically it's some kissy kissy stuff, my naked picture, more kissy kissy, and than 2 years later this. Am sure he doesn't want to look at this pic no more than I do, but I tell you... bloody Facebook! When I saw that, I just wanted to disappear into the earth!

So there, I told you it's even stupider than stupid. But on the good side, at least I have something to post.

* Notice how I diffuse responsibility there to an an event and inanimate object. How very grown up of me!
** Names have been changed to protect the innocent.
*** You know those ways men/boys use when they want to get out but not feel any guilt. Pick any and you won't be far off.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Festival fashions

Contrary to what you might believe, am not a festival regular. Shocker I know!  (specially after this post) But I like them a lot in theory. And every year there at least 5 I HAVE to go to. Well last year, after not going to any of them again, I said enough is enough, next year I am so there. So I picked Terraneo whose line up basically reads like my iTunes. Plus it's on the coast in the middle of the summer, so no mud, no smelly toilets, no smelly people ( people can tell you how much I hate smelly people). Just sun and summer and breeze and the beach and pear Somersby... Am happy and am happy for myself!!!
And sure am gonna don a playsuit like this one... more or less. More less than more, but in my fantasy life I totally would. I am not sure if that counts....
Am off for holiday this week. Here is to me having a great time, wink wink!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kenzo goes great with neon pumps

Question one: is it cool or is it super pathetic that I basically draw clothes I want to wear but due to either budget issues or lack of necessary thinness ( or even in some cases, both) I don't?
Question two: isn't this shirt sooooo cool? OMG, am going all mall girl on it!!!
I swear I would wear this Kenzo tracksuit shirt with high heels. I promise! I would wear it with neon sandals or some super cool ankle boots. I would even quadruple on my ab work in order to wear it like this, without anything underneath ( although quadruple of zero is still zero, but you know what I mean).
At the moment, it's a bit too much money for a sweatshirt ($270), but am gonna keep my hawk eye on all the discount sites, it's bound to pop up somewhere. Though it's next season item so maybe I shouldn't keep my breath as I might be waiting for a good while.
In other news, am off for a holiday next week so I have and enormous amount of work to finish. Just huge! I actually have to go into that state of mind when you have to remind yourself: " Breaaathee.... You can only do one thing at a time. You'll do as much as you can, not more not less, so just breathe and work."
So I breathe and work slowly, and count days till my holidays.
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