Monday, August 6, 2012

Festival fashions

Contrary to what you might believe, am not a festival regular. Shocker I know!  (specially after this post) But I like them a lot in theory. And every year there at least 5 I HAVE to go to. Well last year, after not going to any of them again, I said enough is enough, next year I am so there. So I picked Terraneo whose line up basically reads like my iTunes. Plus it's on the coast in the middle of the summer, so no mud, no smelly toilets, no smelly people ( people can tell you how much I hate smelly people). Just sun and summer and breeze and the beach and pear Somersby... Am happy and am happy for myself!!!
And sure am gonna don a playsuit like this one... more or less. More less than more, but in my fantasy life I totally would. I am not sure if that counts....
Am off for holiday this week. Here is to me having a great time, wink wink!

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