Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kenzo goes great with neon pumps

Question one: is it cool or is it super pathetic that I basically draw clothes I want to wear but due to either budget issues or lack of necessary thinness ( or even in some cases, both) I don't?
Question two: isn't this shirt sooooo cool? OMG, am going all mall girl on it!!!
I swear I would wear this Kenzo tracksuit shirt with high heels. I promise! I would wear it with neon sandals or some super cool ankle boots. I would even quadruple on my ab work in order to wear it like this, without anything underneath ( although quadruple of zero is still zero, but you know what I mean).
At the moment, it's a bit too much money for a sweatshirt ($270), but am gonna keep my hawk eye on all the discount sites, it's bound to pop up somewhere. Though it's next season item so maybe I shouldn't keep my breath as I might be waiting for a good while.
In other news, am off for a holiday next week so I have and enormous amount of work to finish. Just huge! I actually have to go into that state of mind when you have to remind yourself: " Breaaathee.... You can only do one thing at a time. You'll do as much as you can, not more not less, so just breathe and work."
So I breathe and work slowly, and count days till my holidays.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, Kenzo`s shirts are cool but I`m also a sucker for this season`s Balenciaga "Retro-Science-Fiction" shirts and their motives.

    Hugs, Jen


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