Wednesday, October 26, 2011

As cool as I should be

I have this thing, and am probably not the only one (au contrarie, right!), that when I see something that's cool to me, first thoughts in my head are: Why am I not as cool as this? and I should be like this! The funny thing is that these things [I think I should be like] are so opposite in character that it would be quite impossible to be all the things I should be.
So, for example, when I see looks like this all I want to be is a willowy-180 cm tall-no breast in sight model so clothes can hang of me so lovely as she has it. When I wear things like this my shapes bulge in all the wrong places: not anatomically, but aesthetically wrong from what the designers imagined Andrej Pejic will wear well (I think you can all read my oh so subtle irony).
But you can bet, that I had the same thought process that SAME day, when I saw Salma Hayek (I SHOULD be a short Mexican woman), a fitness ad (I should work out more. I should be as cool as this lady and be able to do one armed push ups and look HAPPY as I do it).
Some would call this exhausting. I call it funny. Because the entire process is so ridiculous that even my low self esteem part of my self can't take it seriously.
So to answer the question, yeah I think new Chloe collection is cool. And off I go…

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Making a difference. Maybe.

What is your honest opinion of Dolce&Gabbana? I don't presume myself to be a big fashion expert or anything, but they have a truly good collection only once in a while. True they did give some game changing looks through the years, but I have a feeling a lot of their collections are just fillers. Off course you can't expect every collection to be groundbreaking (especially with the amount of styles fashion houses are required to put out these days (by the by, this is a hell they chose for themselves, as it is mostly race for money. But I guess once you are in the big leagues, you play their way or no way). Anyways, as I was saying, fillers…. Is this a filler or a game changer? I guess we'll see once the spring rolls out and we get to see the PR machine do it's work ( do I sound a bit cynical. Probably because I am.)
While looking at it I just kept thinking: "Where are my old Burda magazines, I am sure there is a pattern for this exact dress (!?!?!?!)".
Anyways, clothes is no big deal here. Styling was quite fun though. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Marc Jabobs says spring is gonna be pretty

Finally got some time (i.e.. managed to focus) to do the new season models. I did more than a few and I have opinions on all of them so there is one thing to look forward to.
First one is Louis Vuitton. Is it me or does the collection seem a bit… Prada-esque!?! You know, in that little bit weird way that you need a minute to get used to. It's not that you don't like it, you are just taken a back by the unusual form/ patterns/ inspiration. I mean take a look at this model, I have not exaggerated in any way: The length of the skirt, the fact it is big and voluminous in such an unusual way. Almost like a young girl wearing a suit that's been passed down from someone else (who was a bit taller maybe). But she has attitude. Or maybe I just see attitude in them.
I love the entire collection, I have to tell you. It is different, it is wearable, and it is so beautiful.  But for now only this girl gets to get drawn, as there are many other very talented designers to swoon over.

P.S. Just one thing, not related to the above: having a cold sucks! Just wanted to moan on a larger scale than just people next to me.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ambienta couple

I have to say today was a lot of fun. Side note: remind me from time to time I like to work in big formats.
Anyway, where was I. Yes, about a month or so ago a friend of mine who works for this very cute little interior design magazine tells me they are having a stand on a (reasonably) well known furniture and design fair and would I like to make an illustration on one of the walls. Well off course I would, I say. I made a few options and I have to say the girl had shorts on (being spot on trend, wink wink) and the guy was dressed much better. But as we live where we do, they suggested to go with something more informal, something more people who come there can relate to, and this is the finished product. I have to say I am quite please with the end result, and I think the builders opposite us were too. So that's one yes right there!
An by the by, I love seeing my drawings this big. Do you think it's some grandeur tendencies or is it still too early to analyze?
P.S. The one in the end is the drawing how I imagined it

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Let's get physical

 So, don't think I've mentioned this but I have been on a bit of a fitness kick lately (hence my disappearing act on this blog: am a total ADD type sometimes, like I have enough focus in me for one thing only, and that's what's gonna get done. Am rolling eyes at MYSELF!). I have always liked being active, and doing things, but this is like, I log kilometers, the more it hurts in the gym the more I like it kinda stuff. To be honest it seems to me it has a lot to do with my recent 30th birthday. Unlike some of my friends, I have no issues with it, but I did suddenly get an urge to be fit like an active 15 year old. It has the element of fear of aging in the background.
Anyways, am totally into it and this is how I most enjoy spending my days now. I do want it to last but I also would like to learn how to incorporate 2 (or God forbid 3) things in my life successfully. I mean there must be a healthier way to focus than obsessing, right!?!?

P.S. Obviously, I am not imagining this to be my thighs, but give me 3 or 4 years and who know. Crazier things have happened!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The one in which I re-realize that I prefer imperfect

I am working on these couple of illustrations for a small hair salon, and this is one of the girls that didn't make it. But I love her. There is this thing where I still prefer drawings I've done on paper to the digital ones. Not sure why… I think it might have something to do with the versatility and randomness and lack of control. Even though the technique is the same, when I work on my computer I can endlessly go back and forth until I get it just the way I want it. But, when working on paper it is a collaboration of me and chance. Much more imperfect and somehow much better… but then again we've been here so not gonna go into that discussion again. Anyways, enjoy the lines of the girl.
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