Thursday, October 20, 2011

Marc Jabobs says spring is gonna be pretty

Finally got some time (i.e.. managed to focus) to do the new season models. I did more than a few and I have opinions on all of them so there is one thing to look forward to.
First one is Louis Vuitton. Is it me or does the collection seem a bit… Prada-esque!?! You know, in that little bit weird way that you need a minute to get used to. It's not that you don't like it, you are just taken a back by the unusual form/ patterns/ inspiration. I mean take a look at this model, I have not exaggerated in any way: The length of the skirt, the fact it is big and voluminous in such an unusual way. Almost like a young girl wearing a suit that's been passed down from someone else (who was a bit taller maybe). But she has attitude. Or maybe I just see attitude in them.
I love the entire collection, I have to tell you. It is different, it is wearable, and it is so beautiful.  But for now only this girl gets to get drawn, as there are many other very talented designers to swoon over.

P.S. Just one thing, not related to the above: having a cold sucks! Just wanted to moan on a larger scale than just people next to me.


  1. Great illustration!

    Get well soon!

    Best, Jenny

  2. I haven't been checkin' the mentioned collection but your illustration is always very pretty :)

  3. So many shows this season, I don't think I even saw any of Louis Vuitton. Shame on me. I agree, looks very Prada-esque in form. And of course, your rendering of the look is spot on. Can't wait to see more- feel better!

  4. I hope you feel better soon. Colds do suck!!!

  5. It was one of my favourite LV collections (perhaps it was the Prada-esque factor, I do agree with you up to a certain extent).

    Beautiful illustration!


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