Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ambienta couple

I have to say today was a lot of fun. Side note: remind me from time to time I like to work in big formats.
Anyway, where was I. Yes, about a month or so ago a friend of mine who works for this very cute little interior design magazine tells me they are having a stand on a (reasonably) well known furniture and design fair and would I like to make an illustration on one of the walls. Well off course I would, I say. I made a few options and I have to say the girl had shorts on (being spot on trend, wink wink) and the guy was dressed much better. But as we live where we do, they suggested to go with something more informal, something more people who come there can relate to, and this is the finished product. I have to say I am quite please with the end result, and I think the builders opposite us were too. So that's one yes right there!
An by the by, I love seeing my drawings this big. Do you think it's some grandeur tendencies or is it still too early to analyze?
P.S. The one in the end is the drawing how I imagined it


  1. Cool cool cool cool!!!!
    I love it!!
    Wanna come to my place and do some work to my walls too? :D

    Was it difficult to draw this big? What did you use as a "guide"? because I guess it's more difficult to keep proportions than in normal dimensions, righ?

    Anyway, can I say cool again? XD


  2. Wow, so cool! Sorry but I was a bit happy when I found out you were using a projector cause it made me a bit jealous that you could draw this big and so perfect without any lines or example. Love your drawing!

  3. Wow, your illustrations look so much cooler on bigger canvases!

    You need to draw on walls more often!

  4. Love it so freaking cool M!! Congrats, and I especially love seeing you in action. You've never posted pics on your blog before and it's such a great glimpse into your world. Of course I have the pleasure of seeing you on facebook but I'm speaking for others haha.

    Meag xx

  5. It is really lovely! Fun to see you at work too. xoxo

  6. Damn girl! Damn damn!
    (wish I could do that)


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