Friday, July 27, 2012

Adventure that is my life

I have nothing substantial to write! Nothing! I swear.
After my birthday weekend away (that went great btw, in spite of shitty weather, because I was with great great people and got a surprise cake at midnight and got to blow the candles on it) rest of the week was back to my beloved routine. Jesus, do I love routine! Seriously, I love it, and I specially love coming back to it. It feels so cosy and safe. So am back to working during the day, running in the evening (though I learned recently what I do qualifies as jogging. But running sounds so much better, so much more fitnessy!!!!). Promising I will do yoga today and then not doing it. Getting watermelon. Having marathon conversations with the BFF who decided to take her routine to a new location. Playing Scramble and Words with friends and feeling like an evil genius master mind every time I get more than 50 points. Looking at the calendar to see how many days is left both to my current deadlines and holidays. Wondering how exactly am I going to finance the holidays. Deciding am gonna think about it later. And so on... I always think am gonna make my life less boring, but when left to my own devices, it always kind of comes down to a version of this.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Drunk on sun

If you are sick of me talking about how I NEED to go to the beach or how OMG SO LOVED IT at the beach, you can skip reading this. Am guessing you already saw the illustration and you can't really unsee it, so cant help you there.
Well... am off to the beach this weekend. Big possibility of rain, but like I care about such minor annoyances. Am gonna be 31 (I know, shut up!!!) on Monday so ideally I will spend the entire weekend half drunk and lying on the beech. I feel this is the best way to round up my year and think about where I am... because we know by now that no amount of drinking will stop me from thinking, right. I will reflect and ponder and muse and contemplate, and sometimes all this at the same time. But this is me, and this is one of the things that will hardly ever change. Probably, to be honest, because I enjoy the self centered-ness of it too much.... Gee when I put it like this, it doesn't sound so charming does it. Hm...I will think about it!!!
Also, I was thinking of maybe making a resolution, but a fun and silly one. Something absolutely useless and ridiculous. Will let you know what I come up with, but if you have a cool idea, do share dear friends.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Ok, I might not be a poet in Elisabeth B. Browning league, but sentiment needs to be expressed. So here it goes, ways in which I love summer.

- I love heat even though it's hard to sleep. 
- I love that flip-flops go with everything (this might be just me).
- I love all the summer clothes (even though combinations like this are off limits to at the moment), and on that note...
- I love how, paradoxically, I have better body image during the summer. Once you strip down to a bikini for the first time that year, and remember, once again, that people really care only how they look, it's all the same. All of a sudden I feel really good in my body... though probably because that is what there is, there is no "dressing slim" or hiding. That is it and it's liberating.
- I love watermelon every day breakfast, lunch and dinner.
- I love cucumber.
- I luuurve tomatoes.
- I love that I can just let my hair dry in the air (but with dubious results to be honest).
- I love that everything seems to be more carefree. Everyone baring their legs and arms makes even work seem less serious and less hard.
- I love that when I work from home I basically walk all day in a bikini.
- I love that I have at least the possibility of beach, even if I don't get there as much as I would love.
- I love that next year (every year it's next year) am gonna get a house next to the beach and will work from there and every morning and every afternoon I will go for a swim and rest of the day can go as it pleases with all the usual shit and I will be much much happier just because I was swimming that morning.
- I love when people come back from holidays and are happier than you've seen them entire year before.
- I love that ice cream is not comfort food anymore, but something you genuinely physically need (don't even try to fight me on this one!)
- I love the cloudless skies
- I love summer love. It somehow exists in the bubble of non reality, where fall seems ages away, like another lifetime when you will not be able to as free as you are in the summer and when life will be harder. It's so much easier to be in love in the summer, easier to have googly eyes for each other, easier to believe it could always be this easy.
- and in the end I love brightness that is life in the summer.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Don't mind me, am just rambling

If you feel this illustration is mui strange... you are probably right. I am so sleep deprived that coming up with a concept for a post is a bit much to ask from my brain. So I turned to one thing I can always count on... rambling. This is basically a rambling illustration.  And exactly how I feel. 
Looking at it now am wondering is this gonna be the first post I pull down first thing tomorrow afternoon when I wake up.
UPDATE: It's 12 and am up. Happy as a clam! Bit confused by the drawing but not going to pull it down. I like that it's a bit off. Represents my state of mind yesterday.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer heat

Whatever is happening at the moment, whatever am feeling, whatever am doing, all is superseded by one feeling: that it is hot. It is so so so hot! Even in my tiny east orientated apartment, it is hot. And here is the thing: even though it's uncomfortable, I love it. I don't really know how to explain how and why I love it, but I do. I like it like you love the sauna.
But it does make work a harder. Also I eat large amounts of watermelon. About a quarter a day, without exaggerating. And hang out all day long in exactly this outfit. Tied up t-shirt and knickers ( off course with a few more pounds than the model here, but oh well, I took some liberties wink wink). And whenever I see on Facebook that people are somewhere on the beach, I get a pang of pain in my chest. I just start imagining getting into the cool salty Adriatic sea and I almost want to cry, because this won't happen for weeks probably. I am saving my vacation days for some fun activities in August and September, so getting to the beach will require some major manouvering. Keep your fingers crossed, am gonna try and make it happen:
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