Thursday, May 31, 2012

Indulging success

Yes, you are quite right the drawing is not quite finished yet, but I need to post something and my mood is highly non productive. Do you ever worry about your tendency to indulge? I do. I am still in the same mood as in the last post but the problem is my wishes are quite opposite. I want to achieve certain things on one hand but am in the mood to lounge, drink and party on the other. Yes those two opposite things need to find a way to be friends. Suddenly I have a wish to do what my mother would do when I was little: my sister and I would fight and off course come to her about it and she would just order us to go away and get along cause she does NOT have neither time nor patience for our quarrels. Like it was that easy! She would just treathen us with getting mad if keep on fighting. This is what I want to do now. Just order my wishes and moods to work things out, I don't care how, just don't bother me with it. Ah, yes this would be good....

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Life is a party... at least sometimes

If I were to choose, right now, what would I like to do, it would be this. And I don't mean metaphoricly... I mean I do, but literaly too. Walk around in cute skirts and t shirts with a bottle of bubbly and some goood music playing (am thinking Crystal Castles, Sleigh Bells and similar). There are probably few factors at hand that brought me to this... The fact I have been doing 3 jobs for the last 2 weeks (hence the absensce), the fact summer is in the air, a need to escape life for a second or too, not to think, to plan or hope, just go with the flow. It's hard "just going with the flow" when you have deadlines... So as much as I know me and life you can expect me to post something of this nature in the near future... or to become very frustrated. Whichever comes first!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Summer food

One of the things I love the most about summer is the summer foods. I can't wait for tomatoes to be in season.!I swear for weeks on end, I eat only tomatoes, bread, feta cheese and olive oil in various combinations. Soup, baked, sauce, raw, fried, grilled, marinated... and like that in an endless loop. At the end of last summer I spent about a week drying tomatoes and preserving them in olive oil and garlic so I have them well into the winter. Apart from my beach holidays, that was the most precious week of summer of 2011... yes, I am wild and exciting that way.
But to be honest these illustrations weren't for this post. I was pitching them for a menu design I am doing. My boss was laughing how whenever there is something new to be done, my answer is " How about we go with an illustration?" . Well, it didn't pass this time but I still like them so decided to give them a life beyond an unused folder on my computer.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Unoriginal sin

So once again am bouncing off something Petra wrote over at Indivisualism.
Her post on authenticity, bloggers and consumerism brought back to surface my own feelings about this blogging business stuff.
I have always felt I am not "easy" enough to be a have a wide readership. On the one hand, this is not a big problem as I am not looking into making a career of it, but then again it would be nice knowing I reach a wide audience with my illustrations. But, even though I agree with Petra that a lot of lifestyle blogs have become just reviews of different products (advertising and product placement has taken over blogs like cancer), I still enjoy reading some of them. I enjoy the personality of the writer, I enjoy the choices they make and yes I enjoy the escapism. But here is where authenticity comes into play: some people are just like that. Some people are just THAT light and breezy and love their shoes and their cute dog and buy beautiful vintage armchairs. But me... I have been "accused" of thinking too much way to many times to even give it a go. I tried it a few times, I tried staying light and fun, but ran out of things to care about pretty early on. So if I did it, my in-authenticity would be obvious very soon. I would be unhappy and I would not bring any escapist joy to anyone.
On the question of perfect lives some bloggers seem to live that Petra also raises, I am not sure of my opinion: for one everyone has right to fake and glamorize their own lives as we have a right to look at. But then, for a medium whose core is personal contact and "truthfulness", to be inauthentic is a sin. It is to lie with bad intentions ! When you fake a life to make it pretty so other people would start believing your truths, which you learned form TV and magazines and which have never made you happy, is to perpetuate a truly corrupt system. I personally wouldn't want to have that on my conscience.
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