Sunday, May 27, 2012

Life is a party... at least sometimes

If I were to choose, right now, what would I like to do, it would be this. And I don't mean metaphoricly... I mean I do, but literaly too. Walk around in cute skirts and t shirts with a bottle of bubbly and some goood music playing (am thinking Crystal Castles, Sleigh Bells and similar). There are probably few factors at hand that brought me to this... The fact I have been doing 3 jobs for the last 2 weeks (hence the absensce), the fact summer is in the air, a need to escape life for a second or too, not to think, to plan or hope, just go with the flow. It's hard "just going with the flow" when you have deadlines... So as much as I know me and life you can expect me to post something of this nature in the near future... or to become very frustrated. Whichever comes first!


  1. Ugh deadlines :( This is why we've kept Elements Magazine purely blogging-based.

    PS: Those boots are hot!

  2. I hope to see 'something of this nature' even though it might be interesting what kind of expression you come up with when you are frustrated :)

  3. Oh dear,

    yes, creativity & deadlines are opposites and many creatives struggle with this.

    The fact that you can articulate the pressure & escape into little fantasies is good & healthy and will make sure that you`ll be able to meet your deadlines!
    It`s mostly the people who deny the pressure, who break from it.

    Hugs, Jen


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