Friday, July 27, 2012

Adventure that is my life

I have nothing substantial to write! Nothing! I swear.
After my birthday weekend away (that went great btw, in spite of shitty weather, because I was with great great people and got a surprise cake at midnight and got to blow the candles on it) rest of the week was back to my beloved routine. Jesus, do I love routine! Seriously, I love it, and I specially love coming back to it. It feels so cosy and safe. So am back to working during the day, running in the evening (though I learned recently what I do qualifies as jogging. But running sounds so much better, so much more fitnessy!!!!). Promising I will do yoga today and then not doing it. Getting watermelon. Having marathon conversations with the BFF who decided to take her routine to a new location. Playing Scramble and Words with friends and feeling like an evil genius master mind every time I get more than 50 points. Looking at the calendar to see how many days is left both to my current deadlines and holidays. Wondering how exactly am I going to finance the holidays. Deciding am gonna think about it later. And so on... I always think am gonna make my life less boring, but when left to my own devices, it always kind of comes down to a version of this.


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  2. what's wrong with routine? the only reason we're told it's a bad thing is because it keeps us from spending money!!! I think your life sounds pretty damn great!

  3. Yeah! FUCK ADVENTURE! I`m freaking sick of -alleged- optiond & possibilities that lead NOWHERE in the end! I want to ARRIVE, SETTLE and just live in peace. I have accepted that I`ll never become rich & famous - that`s ok. I just want a pretty place on my own and make my own living with a job that doesn`t totally kill me.

    Hope you`re having a nice weekend.

    Hugs, Jen


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