Wednesday, October 26, 2011

As cool as I should be

I have this thing, and am probably not the only one (au contrarie, right!), that when I see something that's cool to me, first thoughts in my head are: Why am I not as cool as this? and I should be like this! The funny thing is that these things [I think I should be like] are so opposite in character that it would be quite impossible to be all the things I should be.
So, for example, when I see looks like this all I want to be is a willowy-180 cm tall-no breast in sight model so clothes can hang of me so lovely as she has it. When I wear things like this my shapes bulge in all the wrong places: not anatomically, but aesthetically wrong from what the designers imagined Andrej Pejic will wear well (I think you can all read my oh so subtle irony).
But you can bet, that I had the same thought process that SAME day, when I saw Salma Hayek (I SHOULD be a short Mexican woman), a fitness ad (I should work out more. I should be as cool as this lady and be able to do one armed push ups and look HAPPY as I do it).
Some would call this exhausting. I call it funny. Because the entire process is so ridiculous that even my low self esteem part of my self can't take it seriously.
So to answer the question, yeah I think new Chloe collection is cool. And off I go…


  1. Self-criticism shouldn`t go as far as considering things or people "too cool" for you. If you like it - get it. Period.

    I only do a "reality-check" ("Am I too fat for that?" or "Can I afford that?") concerning things.

  2. Ah, how I know that feeling, I used to this to myself a lot but as time goes on and I clock up more years on my life clock I do this less and less, one of the advantages of getting older :D

  3. I am really enjoying this "catwalk serie" you are doing lately!!
    and btw, some now and then happens to me as well to look at cool people and wanting to be like them...and you are right, it is fun :)


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