Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lost in translation

Here is another Dolce & Gabbana. Considering my unkind words from a previous week, I sure do draw them a lot. Well, the thing is when I chose a model to draw, I am not only going for great fashion: some items are more drawable than others. There are some great great pieces that just aren't translatable into my visual language. I am not trying to sound pretentious, this is really true: my style (whatever it is) is quite blunt and doesn't stand for a lot of detail. It is expressive and often loud. It doesn't do fussy. It is clean and simple at it's best, and unfinished at worst. So when you have items with a lot of patterns that relies on a lot of details for impact, as much as I can like it, I know that there simply is no words in my language at the moment for expressing it right.
That said, I should try because otherwise how will I learn, right? Hence this lady that has movement (which I like and do) and pattern (which I don't like and almost never do). I just have a weakness for the 50's line. So romantic and sexy and feminine.
As I said not ground braking fashion, but still very lovely clothes. I'll get it on sale on Outnet.


  1. Pretty dress, indeed.

    Green & purple rocks!

  2. I always struggle to draw patterns and intricate details and really need to push myself to keep trying and practicing, but it is hard, isn't it?
    I like this one, I like the way that pattern seems to flow across this dress, I can really see the movement :)


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