Friday, November 4, 2011

It's raining men

Don't judge me for the title of the post. I mean, how often do you see men on this blog? And now there are two. I think this qualifies as rain. Or at least a drizzle. Which IS a kind of rain.
But anyway, remember that salon I've been telling you about that I did drawings for. Well these are the guys I did for it. I haven't shown you the lady that will actually be there but she is stunning. Love 'er! I'll post the pics once the salon opens.
Hope you are enjoying the boys. I mostly did, although drawing them was a bit anxious for me. I was afraid I'll make them look too feminine. I know what you think: "No problem, they will just be gay men". But gay men don't go well in the south of Croatia. Or north for that matter. But this is a discussion for another time.
Anyways, gay wasn't an option. I think I managed to make them look manly- ish, if a little poncy. Still, that's good enough for me.


  1. Lovely creation Maya!! And wow, I am loving all the new updates to the bog. Fancy shcmancy! I was wondering about all these blogger updates, and you have put them into action already. I am always so behind.....

  2. Maya!!!! I love that it is raining men! Hoorah!
    I am also very impressed by the new layout of your blog. It is absolutely beautiful AND very cool...

  3. Wow they look awesome! And totally not gay at all ;)

    And looks like you're using the new Blogger layout!

  4. Heh, I have exactly the same problem when drawing men, most of the ones I've drawn tend to look slightly feminine, at least to me :D
    I think you've got both your men just right, nothing feminine to spot here! :)

  5. very manly lol well done


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