Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Colour accents work great on grey concrete

Lately I have been right obsessed with clothes. I browse every frigging website that sells clothes I can find ( yeah, that's the 2011 version of being obsessed by clothes. No real shops for me, thank you!). I now have folders and folders of planned purchases… Who and how will it be financed, only God knows (but then again that's  It's job).
The thing is I love buying winter clothes much more than summer clothes (wonder why!?!?). Especially on years like this when bright coloured coats are all the rage, when no-one winces on combinations like this, when colour combos are pretty much "yeah, whatever you got, goes".  When I don't have to worry about trends for bare midriffs, for backless shirts that make sense only when worn without a bra (in my size this is NOT an option)…. Aaaah, wonderful winter with printed scarfs (only way I know how to work prints) and elegant leather boots, with cinnamon and mulled wine.
I even like the naked trees; they add a very graphic feel to every landscape. Also as I now live in the part of the city that boast with being great example of all the architectural flops of our communist era, I HAVE to have great clothes. I owe this to my and my fellow citizens mental health! Or at least this is what I keep telling myself while typing in my security code once again.


  1. I love winter clothes so much more than summer clothes too, all those comfy jumpers, cosy scarfs, that perfect coat, ahhh, bliss :)

  2. Hey dear,

    great illustration (as always).

    Don`t worry, you`re not the only one absent from shopping - I`m with you :(

    You channel your desire into creativity at least - I spent all my time on Ebay pretending "5 Euro (+ shipping) is no money" - and do that on 20 auctions...*grr*

    *shopping victim* Jenny

  3. Too bad I can't wear any winter clothes here in Philippines cause it's always hot outside. Great illustration.

    Gaston :)

  4. I hear you, I've been on quite a few virtual shopping trips myself lately. what I realize is that I don't care as much about trends anymore. it's about style, not fashion, and style makes you somewhat independent of fashion and its trends. I love big patterns, and like you, I can only pull them off on scarves. and I like the occasional splash of colour. unfortunately, where I'm at right now, both those things would not go down well with my fellow citizen's mental health. on the contrary!!!



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