Friday, August 24, 2012

Italian fashion friends

Here it is finally. I won't say it's finished because I can't guarantee that. Maybe I just see nowhere to go with it anymore. You know, I spent  more time and effort on this illustration than I usually do on three. First of all I am into print all of a sudden. What can I tell you... people change. So I wanted a lot of clashing print on it. So here is one from Prada and one from Botega Veneta. If I was one of those super rich people I would have, like, dozens and dozens of Botega Veneta dresses. I have this feeling that when you wear them, you feel like your life is a film. Because no way real life is ever that pretty. Ok, maybe, over dramatizing it a bit. But just a smidgen. You know am right on this one.
In other news, I've gone back to the drawing board. I hope am gonna be able to show some of it soon. I love working in ink on paper , but it doesn't have Cmd+Del option so you know... not all of them make it to the other side. Also I have entered a competition with really average work... which is definitely something for the therapy hour. What else, what else... my but hurts most of the time as am back to working out on the regular again. That's good news. And that's about it.
Till next time m'dears.


  1. love it. l-o-v-e !!!!

  2. Hey dear,

    FANTASTIC illustration! I`m just loving that black flower dress - can I have it please! I totally love that your illustration is "super-detailed & super-intense" in some parts (like the dresses) and "super-blurred" with intentionally-left-out-details on the other hand. That makes it SO intriguing & interesting! Quite Mona Lisa-ish actually - makes me wonder "how you saw" (or what you saw in) the original picture. Makes me wonder which details interested you the most, makes me wonder which details you left out intentionally. Makes me literally wonder "where you draw the line" - and why.
    My film professor keeps preaching: "Every picture/still has a meaning!" - and your art is so interesting because one can`t figure out through which elements you construct your illustrations. That is a HUGE COMPLIMENT to you as an artist - it means you`ve got the "artist sensitivity" - you don`t have a "fixation" (like prints, fabrics, eyes, shapes or whatever a painter may favour) - it means you`re able to use it ALL and make it YOUR piece of art!

    Hugs, Jen

    PS: Can you please update the Boheme Noir link on the right side? :) I`ve switched to DressCode:HighFashion a year ago :) Please link to or
    THANKS, DEAR! *hugs*


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