Sunday, September 2, 2012

The one in which I ponder some tehnique issues

I have been working on paper lately again. Hence my absence.
I enjoy it so much. I find it interesting how my brain doesn't accept drawing on a computer and drawing on paper as basically the same. I don't think digital plays a role here because it's still basically making two dimensional art. But I have to think about this some more I think.
Anyways drawing on paper elicits some quite delightful feelings so maybe I should keep it going, ha.
The other thing is that I have been reminded how much the technique determines the style, but I wish to be more consistent. I would like to bring my analogue and my digital style closer together. This mostly means I 'd  like my computer work to be even less refined. I see now how much it suites my personality my paper style. The fast stroke, splashes of color, unpredictability of both color and stroke.
But the fact I don't have Cmnd + z kills me. So many times I wish I could return an illustration to a previous state. Which is not an option unfortunately... or luckily? Maybe it turns out, like with many harder options, that was the better one.

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  1. It is crazy how much command +z makes a difference in the overall process and outcome. Do you use a tablet? Do you feel less connected to your work when using a digital technique?


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