Thursday, September 13, 2012

Drawing in London

So... a very cool thing happened but I can't divulge the details yet. As soon as I get the all clear I will.
In the meantime what you can know is that am still in London and I have to do a lot of drawing. Of the fast sketching kind. 
I don't have my tablet with me so it's not as easy to make a post and this is why am presenting you with one of the today's mini successes from Costa coffee. I basically go around London, sit in a coffee place and draw who ever sits or stands still long enough. Mostly people don't so I end up finishing them by my own accord. This is usually a bit more glamorized version of what people look like while sitting in Costa coffee but there you go.
Anyways until the next post when I can, hopefully finally can tell you about something exciting happening in my life.


  1. oh, I had no idea that you are still in Blighty. enjoy!!!

  2. Just came from Petra indivisualism!

    Great illustrations!

    ♥ Franka

  3. Hi dear!
    How are you?Hope everything ok!happy to hear you are in London and have a great time...:-)
    I've just moved in Rome for work...If you come around here, drop me a line and we see!

    Ps:living a great and exciting time me too :-)


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