Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back to black

Dear, dear Amy. I was so sad when I heard she passed away.
I kind of hoped she'll do a Drew Barrymore and one day just be this happy, productive person, some kind of more talented version of Corrine Bailey Rae (not that Corrine isn't talented, it's just that Amy's voice was otherworldly, she is one of those rare talents you see only few times in a hundred years), you know just this sensitive, talented, working artist with inner strength.
First thing I thought, when I heard the news, was I can't believe we won't hear any more Amy Winehouse songs… though I hope there are some recorded somewhere and, like 2Pac's, are gonna keep surfacing for years to come. She gave a soundtrack to a few years of our lives, everybody, regardless of music taste, loved her. Her music was tasteful, original and smart: anyone who ever, rightfully or not, dramatised their love life could connect with both her lyrics and her voice.
Well I drew Amy. First one is from her video "Love is a losing game" which is, strangely, done as she is already dead: all put together from previously recorded material, with her face in slow motion, all in black and white and a mournful feeling to it… Just so, so sad. The other one is just a pic that I had on my computer, that I just kind of liked as she had a healthy feeling to her.


  1. I was so sad when I found out last night, so young and such talent and yet she seemed so unhappy, I hope she's found some peace now :(

  2. I am also mourning for the death of Amy. She has always been my inspiration.

  3. I LOVE your illustrations (they are just more tender & elegant than Amy I guess they make a good memento!).

    It`s always sad when real talent passes...still, we all saw it coming.

  4. these illustrations of amy are beautiful! please check out my post I wrote on her death x

  5. Amazing pictures! Amy was such a talent. I dedicated a post to her as well. It's such a sad thing when talented people die young (well, when anyone dies young, really). I'll miss her music.


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