Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shall we say unfulfilled

Well, as I said if magazine pitch passed or not, at least i'll have something to post on my busy days. This one is completely random I guess and pretty much has nothing to do with anything.

This week is as busy as the previous two plus I have decided to include social life back into the schedule (purely for mental health reasons). Which basically means I go to work around 7 in the morning and come back around 6 (good days) or 7 (usually) and then have one drink with one friend, go home early and fall asleep tipsy of wine… This off course makes me feel very, shall we say, unfulfilled.

Anyway about the drawing: it's for an article on pitfalls of shopping. Magazine is very fashiony so I wanted to have such a feel about the illustration. Off course I super enjoyed doing these even though I was doing them after 10 hour days well into the midnight…. FOR F*** SAKE it would be nice if every once in a while I had something else to talk about except  work!!!( and eczema doesn't count).
I am bored of putting those words on (Office Word) paper.
The other day a friend and I reminisced about the past and she mentioned how she went to see a movie with my then boyfriend. And then she asked how come you weren't with us?
"I probably didn't have time"- I answered, because even though it was 8 years ago and I have no idea what time of year was it or what day it was, 99% that this was the reason for not going.


  1. Oh then, we're pathetic in two ;D

    I am also the "I don't have time" kinda girl, then I look back and see all the things I've missed.

    But sometimes I also try to see the things I gained: few friends but truly real ones, education and job successes and accomplishments and, last but not least, time for myself.

    I really need those nights alone, the time with my drawings or reading a book. It doesn't even count as free time for me, it HAS TO be there, it's part of my weekly schedule in a natural way. And therefore I don't have time for many other things and I feel unfulfilled too in that moment but... when I look back at the full picture, and see the things I missed but also the ones I gained I feel OK with myself, I accomplished something. Unfulfilled in the short period, sure, but totally happy and fulfilled in the long term.

    I'm sure this will happen to you too!

    Oh and I have a "technical" :p question: what do you use to do those lines of colors? I've tried with markers but doesn't work... is that graphic tablet?

    a kiss


  2. I've reached that point now where I don't think I can do any more work effectively, it's taken over far too much of my time and I need a break. So I'm taking one shortly but there won't be any shopping satisfaction involved, just the sun, sea and a lot of eating, yey!

  3. Maya, sounds like you need a long weekend away;) A cocktail after work alone is not going to give you total fulfillment. Trust me, I've tried (probably with more than one cocktail to be truthful). Even if you just stay in, stay local, catch up on sleep, you feel better for having some "you" time.

  4. count also me!! we are pathetic in threee then!!:)
    I'm totally overwhelmed ... I'm so looking forward to holidays..(it's a matter of survival!)

  5. Wonderful blog.thanks .........


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