Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fashion week love

When fashion weeks come it is truly the time of joy.
Mostly. And a bit of anxiety. Every season I go to (I have been doing this since 2003) and I get something similar to a mini panic attack: all those new pretty things come in and I want to see them now now now… or possibly even sooner. I want to see the details, the accessories, the backstage shots, the front row. I open multiple tabs, multiple windows and organise pics on my computer to folder according to designer and season ( I think this is like the peek of my organising skills)
This year, it has come to that I am delaying even taking a peek. Cause I know I will be consumed.
But my curiosity will get the better of me, and I will go and take a look and become greedy, and it will go on.
Still, I have a feeling it is nothing to the stress people who go there feel.

On the other note, a completely unrelated drawing of a girl I think is a green goddess. I bet this one is a vegetarian. 


  1. I love your vegetarian :) and I haven't been on in ages. I'm really tired of new - new - new. style should be more than that!

  2. I don't know if this girl is a vegetarian but she looks damn good.
    I've been consumed with my writing course at the moment and sacrificing pretty much everything else in order to really learn as much as I can, so no fashion obsessing for me either, but I'll catch up :)

  3. Really beautiful illustration! And your blog is great, liked it!


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