Monday, September 19, 2011

Few thoughts

I have a funny one today.

So, last two weeks I have been spending in my home town. It is a small town with long tradition which people then use justify delusions about their own self worth, but that is probably besides the point now. What I wanna talk about is this…

There are about three thoughts/ ideas that go around and that people repeat as their own beliefs. I swear people don't even change the words: they repeat the exact same sentences. And they are the same ones that were going around when I was younger and living here.
These are ideas on how a certain place/ people/ experience is.
I mean this happens on a larger scale in bigger cities as well (I am not implying that my hometown is different than aaaany other), it's just than on such a small scale it's very easy to notice a pattern. And I am stunned, really stunned by this: I simply cannot believe that a normal, intelligent, educated person can accept this without rethinking it. People can accept an idea like "French are such and such" without asking themselves: Wait, how do I know they are such? I have never met a french person or been in Francemore than three days? Even if I did meet one, how can I say they are all a certain way? Or how do I know that a person whose "idea" I have accepted is objective?
How? How do people not question "facts" they are served?
And even if I take in account the fact people like to seam knowledgable and worldly, but are lazy, so go for anything that comes by… Still, I am confused by this… AND yes, I know I tend to over think, so NO, I DON'T think all people should be like me. But how… why… or better yet why?
And, this is so great, if some people from there even read this, they will probably think "Oh yeah, there are people like this here, but luckily I am not." This is perfect.


  1. I love this "How do people not question "facts" they are served?" It is one of the reasons I studied philosophy. I cannot go through life without questioning every single detail about it. It causes me trouble sometimes, but I think there is no better way to live than to question. One cannot simply accept everything is it is presented.
    Your hometown sounds like my hometown btw. I used to excuse them by saying that they did not know any better, but as time has gone by I have realized that is not the case. They choose to remain in a bubble because the information is out there and available.

  2. common places, clichè're totally right people just don't wonder!


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