Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Home is where the inspiration is?

Looks like spring in my head, right?.
Btw, didn't mentioned it but where I am it's still summer. Like between 25°C and 30°C! Longest summer in a long long time. Last time I had a summer this long was when I was in Australia for a big part of the winter so basically had 9 months of spring and summer. Those were the days!
And yes I probably am trying to console myself with this, as there is a fashion week month happening and am quite jealous.
It touches on an important subject for me. Does it make a difference that I live out of the loop?
On one hand I can do all my work online but on the other, I sometimes feel that my artistic development is a bit  hindered by this. Zagreb is not a small city, but not a big one either. In illustration terms I might as well be living in Madagascar.
For me neither Croatia nor Zagreb doesn't offer much (read: nothing) in this area…. I mean there isn't a decent paper shop here ( I am NOT kidding: it's not that you can't get it at all, but it definitely will not be easy and will be much more expensive than what you'd pay elsewhere).
Now, I know a few people who do illustration in Zagreb and are doing fine (though no one who does fashion), and I definitely don't want to use this as an excuse, but I just feel like maybe this is not the best environment for my growth. I am not very rebellious and can easily become inert so I thrive in an active surroundings.
Hm… this is what I've been pondering on. Only thing is that I don't want to be one foe those people who blame others for their problems. I can't seem to find that thin line… the one that tells me I am trying to eschew the problem by leaving or that I am just realising that not every place is good for everything.

Also… last post had a pretty big response. Seems a lot of you guys found themselves in this. It is a tricky one, specially as it really doesn't have an answer or a solution in the end. Only thing anyone can do, it seems, is just keep trying.


  1. Dear,you know that finding a circle and connections in art world is essential. Why don't you try to knock at the door of some mag editorial offices (maybe new) as free lance?
    You have the talent to do it :)

  2. I live in London but work in finance (a completely different loop!) and as an artist I have found it quite hard to 'break' into the art world. That is why I started the blog, I was tired of just drawing and not sharing... In the next six months I have told myself I will stop being so shy and just knock on some doors (as said above!)

  3. I've pondered on this same question many times and I keep coming back to same answer - if I had means to do this I would stay exactly where I am and go off to different cities/countries whenever I wanted to or needed to soak up a bit of inspiration, mix with other creatives and just generally soak up whatever the place has to offer. I love living in UK and I don't think I'm ever going to move but I would be so happy if I could go off and travel to different places on a whim then come back to UK, place I call home.

  4. I understand you...I also am out of the loop I would like to be in...I definitely studied the wrong stuff (economics)!!

  5. Well girl, I live in the beacon and I'm not sure it's any easier. Can someone say over-saturated or inundated with "inspiration" overload?!! Frankly I wish I could make an excuse for my lack of success. If anything I feel worse for not painting every hour of the day or for, lets be honest, taking a moment to sleep. M the grass always seems greener but it rarely is. You have a stable job with a stable income, an apartment to yourself, and you are pursuing your illustration career on top of that. I've just graduated, am working three jobs for free, in the city that (and I quote) "never sleeps"!! Sorry for my ramble, I just feel like you're being way too hard on yourself, you need to sit back and acknowledge how wonderfully gifted you are, and that your time will come. You know I will be here watching and rooting.

  6. I think I'm just going to leave out "I know exactly what you mean!" in my comments from now on, because I feel that way about all of your posts haha.

    I don't know anything about the real lives of working paid artists, but it sounds like some travelling or living away from home for awhile might make you feel happier!

  7. I love Boston, but it totally lives in the shadow of NYC, and I feel so out of the loop sometimes. I went this week to NYC, and left utterly exhausted and overwhelmed, thankful to be back home to my little city. Glad I did it but always happy to be home too.

  8. I agree with Veronica. It's the best thing to have place where you can go back (like home) after soaking up the inspirations.

  9. I'm contemplating the problem the other way around. I'm thinking about leaving the big city for a while because I think it's not just creative overload but too much of everything. I want some time and space to re-evaluate everything. I'm must worried that the grass is always greener on the other side and that, once I've left the city, I will find out that the issues I have are entirely in my head and independent from where I live...


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