Friday, September 9, 2011

Just enough or too much?

You might have noticed I wasn't around lately (again).
That's because I was trying to have a life.
I just can't seem to get the hold of this: I either work or play. If I do make it and have both, it's usually for about 3 days.
How do other people do it... because I swear I can't?!?!
I have a job, illustration (which includes both this blog and increasing number of illustrating jobs) and social life. Usually what I cut first when am short on time is social life. But then I don't have a life to write about on my blog (and I swear I CAN NOT, for the life of me, write how I have no life to speak of AGAIN). So I went and got myself some life.... but when I do this I don't do as much work as I'd like to (or need to, for that matter!). There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. Again, how do other people do it? I know I could be a bit more organized, but I swear I don't procrastinate.... much. I mean you know, I am not Miss Efficiency or nothing like that, but I do do as much as I can fit in the day.
Plus, oh yeah I forgot to mention that, I started running like a month or so ago ( actually back in May, but on and off) so that takes at least an hour ( I mean to get there, do it come back have a shower.... running itself takes about 20 minutes at this point).

So my question is this: how do people do this? How do they have a life, work, play, workout? And I don't mean just going through the motions, I mean like a fulfilling dedicated life... or am I expecting too much?


  1. I think it's possible if you don't need to sleep. Or eat, or wash...but then again that might put a damper on your social life :-P

  2. ahahaha nice post darling... and you know what? I don't have enough time now to answer you because, especially today, I am SO MUCH in the same situation ahah! :) but I'll be back with a better comment trying to give an answer to this big dilemma! xxx

  3. How do we do this? Same as you - just keep going around in circles. First, you drop your social life so that you can get the work out of the way. Then you get tired and fed up and you drop some work and enjoy some social life. Then you start feeling guilty about not doing enough work and go back to doing lots of work and reducing your social life.
    PS - I'm hoping to win some sort of award for this advice in a category called "Least helpful advice ever"

  4. I have the same problem. I can't seem to get school and my personal cravings mash together. It's either one of them has to suffer or something. My teacher told me I should schedule my days, but I didn't follow his advice because I like being surprised.

    The illustration is great by the way


  5. You just asked out loud what I have been asking myeslf under my breath since april!
    We need to figure it out and make it work!!

    Beautiful illustration by the way!!

  6. Well, I'm sort of going through the same thing (although my internship ends next week then I'll graduate after my break)

    From what I've observed, it all goes down to time management. Go to work until the evenings, then afer that you can choose to go out with your friends, hit the gym, rest at home, work on your blog/illustrations etc.

    And my weekends are "Me" time ;)

    Don't worry, Maya! You'll find something that works for you.

  7. tell me about it. I am not definitely the right person to share the words of wisdom in this case hehe.
    lovely illustration.

  8. apparently you can divide your days into 3 different things, work, sleep, play. you got 8 hours of each a day. go!

  9. I know exactly what you mean.... I work in finance during the day and keep up my blog as well... and then the personal life goes poof sometimes (I have been working on this). But hey, sometimes sleep going down the drain!

    Its my first time in your blog and I just love your illustrations. I have added you to my bloglovin account.

    A fellow illustrator,


  10. Congratulations on starting running!
    There is no such thing as life balance. It sounds like you have a wonderful, full life!
    (Oh, and as usual, I totally dig your illustrations.)

  11. i know the feeling exactly. when i'm working so hard- with my job and my social life and everything else- blogging just slips my mind. i don't want to let my blog slip so much, but i just can't seem to stop it from doing so :(

  12. OMG, let me jump on the bandwagon. One thing I will say is that your drawings are awesome, share more of them! Maybe make a theme or portray trends. You have an amazing talent and what seems like a pretty unique job, tell us about it! I seem to go in and out also and although it is hard juggling both, it's really fun gaining readers and seeing your work pay off.


  13. Eh, I wonder the same things :)

    Beautiful illustration btw

  14. Oh God, I hear you...

    Between my career in publishing, a fiancé, social life, and blog, something has to give. It's invariably the blog and that explains why it is so often underfed with new posts.

    I think the secret is to accept that it's okay, and inevitable, to drop a few plates sometimes.

    Sarah x


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