Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Material girl

My agent asked me for a couple of illustrations of different products to add a bit of variety to my portfolio. Naturally I was shocked " ME!?!?!? TO DRAW SOMETHING OTHER THAN BEAUTY ITSELF !!??!?! PREPOSTEROUS !!!!!"
Well not really, but I have to make fun of myself a little bit and my attitude to illustration. Apparently, in my world, it means drawing what I want when I want. I looked it up. Get this, thats not it. Go figure! ( A little side note: I am fighting a strong urge to use smileys here, and I blame a certain person for this! They know who they are!!! Smiley with a P, close bracket!
Anyways to remedy this delusion, I decided to be a good client and make a range of different drawings for my agent. Here is a drawing of 3 of my favorite beauty items. They are not the top top, but they"illustrate well" if you will.
If you haven't tried Moroccan Oil, you should. It's a bit pricey but lasts a very very long time. To be honest I don't use 8 hour creme in Croatia anymore (though it's great). here I use Melem which is a bit less glamorous but as good and much much cheaper. And then there is my perfume. This has become my signature scent, along with Kenzo's L'amour. I am almost out of both and can't imagine my days without either of them.
I have some more drawings coming of furniture and food. Smiley.


  1. Ooo love this set, especially the Prada one: the paint strokes and the colours.

  2. These are insanely lovely! I want more.

  3. This is great!
    When I saw the pic in Bloglovin' I thought "is this the first time that I see product drawings from Maya?". Then I opened the post and indeed, it is the first time but girl, you have a natural talent for it!
    I already imagine a beauty editorial of some top glossy magazine with these illustrations in!
    I recently started to do some exercise with objects drawing too (the last effort: the lemon of the last post. It looks like the drawing of a 3 year old but I'm confident I'll improve ahah) because I really really like it.

    By the way, one of this days I gotta ask you how it is to work with an agent... I'm not thinking of doing it for now of course, still got a lot to learn, but I'm thinking about it for the future... But since I don't "live" in the artistic and illustration world I totally have got no clue of how it works!

    Oh boy, this looks like a Bible instead of a comment :/



  4. omg LOVE these!! Variety variety yes yes YES!! XOXO

  5. Have faith & trust in yourself, honey! Not just because you should - also because you CAN! Your illustrations ARE, in fact, on a professional label and I`d put them into Vogue any time!

    Your product illustrations prove that once more.

    Oh the Prada perfume - I loved its heavyness and wore it for a year.

    Have a nice weekend, Jen


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