Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Strength comes from within

There is a distinct possibility this drawing is not yet finished. But I like it a lot! I like the very sexual feeling it has. I see it as very girl power but in a grown up way... so that would be woman power, I guess.
I talked to my friend about the style change am in and she notices it perfectly reflects the personal changes I've been going through. Especially the growing up part. I never imagined growing up (not that am fully there yet) would be so empowering in so many ways. If I knew I would have done it ages ago.
It's not that I have been hiding anything here, not reporting it or anything, it's just that it is not so much anecdotal. There are no little events or epiphanies I can talk about they are more like gradual changes, when all of a sudden you realisz you are a whole different color. :-)))


  1. I think we are always evolving. I look back on who I used to be and wonder how I got here....all the time. Change is good. And it's even better when you can reflect on it and see that is is for the better. I always look at your creations and wonder just how you do it. Gorgeous.

  2. I really love your new style, Maya, it is very powerful. Brava! xx

  3. I like this change in style I would love to see where it takes you. Sometimes it's hard to explore different styles when you start feeling a little bit too comfortable with "what you already know" and you almost feel compelled to go back to your "old" style because it feels safe.
    Happy drawing and exploring! :)


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