Sunday, January 15, 2012

New directions

To tell you the truth, I am transitioning into a new style and have nothing of substance to report.
Life is reasonably good, I am thinking how to get to a certain amount of money for travel (and do it fast), been dealing with the matters of the heart a bit more lately, still into running, been playing a lot of Words with friends lately ( Alec Baldwin be damned), got through a mini phase of italian cuisine last week...
You have no idea how many times I wished my life is more exciting just so I can write about something substantial. And really I don't need much, you can ask my friends: I can make a story out of very little.
I hope you like new style directions. Am not there yet but I like this return collage is having in my work. Can't wait to see where it takes me.


  1. Hey dear,

    so far, I`m very fond of your new style. It is strong, expressive. I love the montage, the mix of visual forms (photo and painting) and the spring "statement colours".

    (As your -unrequested- psychoanalytic I say: I see growing self-confidence in your art. There are no more "soft lines", blended colours (= "compromise"?) and things "hidden in shadows".)

    I like how "definite" and "forward" your new art is. Keep going into that direction!

    Hugs, Jen

  2. PS: I can`t think of anything more important & exciting to report than a change in an artist`s style!

  3. Enjoying your journey! Life is what you make it so with enough effort and determination, things will change. xx

  4. I like this new style of yours. It's more powerful somehow.

    And LOL to the Alec Baldwin reference! No matter what the actors did, I still love 30 Rock.


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