Monday, February 13, 2012

Fashion is food too

And the series is finished. I can't remember if I ever done a series of drawings... I mean without a treat of money loss, flunking at school or my boss being mad at me. Which in itself is wonderful The fact I like most of them is just a bonus. On the other hand it might just be a way am procrastinating making food and interior drawings I promised my agent. It turns out, and this was a big surprise to me trust me, I suck at drawing food. It turns out I cannot translate the appetite and salivating am feeling onto a paper... My food doesn't look neither cool, nor eatable, nor yummy or god forbid sexy... It just looks like "How old is that sandwich?". Not a look that's easy to sell. But am trying and trying, maybe something comes out, if not I can just kiss those commissions goodbye... Luckily I don't need the money (wink wink)! In the meantime enjoy the rest of my Miu Miu series.


  1. I have to admit, you are my blogger crush!! Ne ozbiljno, može li bolje od ovog? :*


  2. I`m in love with the upper illustration. So elegant & aristocratic. Despite the immaculate elegance it is "warm" due to the colours. I love this so much and would really frame it and hang it up on my wall at home.

    Have a nice weekend, Jen

  3. I don't know if you know this already, but I LOVE Miu Miu! Lol like my blog, Instagram and Tumblr isn't full of Miu Miu already.

    Wonderful illustrations ;)


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