Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sitting, waiting, wishing

That is exactly what I have been doing for the last few months (And to answer your question right away, yes all that time my hair looked as cool as in this illustration. It takes time in the morning, but you'll agree it's worth it! )
What you see is the third illustration I've done on the subject. Two are still unfinished... I had to find the right slumped pose I guess.
What happened is that I just got into a crisis, art wise, and didn't know how to deal with it and just got scared. And then some other stuff happened that required a few extra days of sitting and waiting and wishing.... but as it happens with life, spring came and I realized that whatever I am scared of can't be worse than this limbo I decided to explore. So here I am...
I don't know if this ever happens to you, but definitely not a first for me and am thinking I'll have to find a way to go through periods like this a bit more productive. I really really want to make this post bit more upbeat.... So here is a link to Cute overload and HelloGiggles. Yeah, that's better :-)


  1. Making that first drawing and getting that first post out there after a 'slump' is the hardest bit and now you've done that and got it out of the way it should start getting easier, I promise, just keep going. Good to see you back :)

  2. Just spotted your blog. Your illustrations are lovely.

  3. Hey dear,

    great illustration (as always!).

    In order to be creative you must be sensitive and sensitive people get into crisis. It happens all the time. Dont be ashamed of it. You`re not a robot.

    What helps me in a creative crisis is to put the project aside and get out of the crisis. Do something else! Meet your friends, go dance, watch a movie, work out, have sex - anything that`s "mindless fun" & relaxes you is good now.

    Don`t act as if that project is your entire life. Focus on other things for a while.

    Your current project will seem less scary in a few days. Pick it up again when it feels less scary and don`t pressure yourself! Feel free to start over with new approaches, colours & ideas.

    Let go the aspiration of "a perfect first piece" - it takes many, many attemps to get a professional result.

    Go Maya! I believe in you & your talent!

    Hugs, Jen

  4. Seriously Maya, her hair was the first thing I noticed! So chic!

    Don't worry about being in a slump. Things will pick up before you even know it ;) We believe in you, Maya!


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