Sunday, April 15, 2012

Funny girl

Is this finished? Am not sure...
Anywaaaays... I was really in a mood for a smiley happy drawing. Which would mean am in a happy smiley state of mind. Which I guess I am... I haven't mentioned it but I started going to improv some time ago. LOVING it! Total brain scrambler at times but so cool. And in general I have been in a goofy mood. I mean my Facebook cover photo is a still from Dumb and Dumber! It could be just down to spring .... Have you seen this cute undies she is wearing. Really wanted to make them anything other but pink, but it fits best, it really does. I should name my blog Maya does pink or All shades of pink are pink haha... not that funny? OK... am rambling. :-)
You know I have a thing with funny. Most of the time I'll try to be funny and don't even notice am doing it until I bomb and time slows down and I try to get out of it and save some remaining ego. But then, I also love it because it's a funny story for later, so KA-CHING on that one. Then I can turn it into meta funny, and that's my favorite. Laughing at myself laughing at myself. Gold I tell 'ya!
Definitely not finished. Oh well!


  1. I'm so glad you are back, you wouldn't believe!!!

  2. Pink is good, laughing is good, not finishing the drawing can be good too, and you're drawing and blogging again which is definitely good, so overall I would say things are definitely good and getting better :)

  3. There is no sissy girl who doesn't like pink. Even Elizabeth Taylor once said: "I fell off my pink cloud with a thud".

    And I love how you juxtaposed the photo with your illustration. Very unique ;)

  4. Love this - have a laugh, enjoy yourself and go with the flow!


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