Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Emotional experiments

This girl is pure emotion. For some reason I had a lot of trouble getting the right attitude in the pose, and when I finally got it I didn't know where to take her. So I just kept drawing to whatever happens. There is nothing premeditated about her, she is completely spontaneous... almost like you are seeing my current emotional blueprint. Not sure if this is the smartest move but I want to keep posting regularly, without waiting for inspiration or something cool to happen. So, FYI, some posts might go into the WTF!??! territory. Just to give you a heads up...
Now that's settled, tell me what do you think. What do you see in this blueprint? Can you see the recent sadness? Can you see that am very much into doing things? I can see something interesting and that is that the girl has no mouth... unexpressed thoughts? feelings? Both actually. I don't understand the green part even though I was absolutely sure I wanted it there and like that.
Interesting little experiment, today's post.


  1. lol, I get the WTF approach you are taking. I get it oh so very much :)

    like the drawing. she looks very defiant! I like defiant!

  2. First of all I love this drawing, really love it, she's standing tall and proud and ready to walk into whatever awaits her with no fear, almost as if she's saying "Come on, bring it on!". Keep them coming :)

  3. I see this girl on a fashion runway - at the end of it, striking a pose for the photographers.

    Your drawing shows that you somehow had "trouble" with it. It`s not as detailed as your other work and it has "harder lines". There is no "love" - the kind of narcisisstic love the artist has to give to his or her artwork. One can see that you "wanted to get it done" and pushed it away. But that`s ok! Art has an cathatic function.

    You know that I love the way you use colours and I love the combination of green & pink (reminds me of my beloved 80s for some reason...). The girl`s "stiffness" / pose somehow raises an association with the "green with envy" phrase in me...and what`s a "better" place for envy than a fashion runway!?!

    I`ll stop bothing you with my associations now. Hope you`re having a nice weekend.

    Luv ya, Jen


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