Wednesday, April 25, 2012


My girls are like dreams. I usually think they have nothing to do with me but it always turns out they are telling much more than I intended to or often even knew. When I start drawing I am usually primarily attracted to the pose. This worries me a little, to be honest, as I do wonder what kind of fashion illustrator isn't attracted to the clothes. I rarely am! I mean there are some stuff out there, Balenciaga and certain couture that attract me and are most certainly pieces of art themselves, but in general I will rarely feel a need to draw clothes. As I don't have any official fashion illustrator education, I am not sure if this is an issue. But poses, even the fashion ones, deliberate and affected as they are, will always communicate an emotion or a state of mind. In that case I am glad that I've at least moved up from sitting poses to the standing ones.
Anyways, enough with the deep s***, don't you just love the girl. I wish I looked as good as this in skinny jeans, but as I am not a 16 year old Ukranian model, no such luck.


  1. ha, even tho I'm not a 16 year old Ukranian model I fit into skinny jeans easily. much like a 16 year old I have no boobs. you know, there are always two side to things... :)

  2. oooh I am loving this darwing!! she is really a beautiful girl :)
    and the real hand detail is TOP


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