Monday, June 18, 2012

Perfect Sunday

It is the Sunday morning that makes it all perfect.
One of my favorite times in a week is waking up and staying in bed till as late as possible on Sunday. It is especially gratifying when the rest of the week was super busy (including Saturday) and Sunday is looking pretty much the same (which is pretty much my life). And if I went out the night before and had a great time and completely have to have very indulgent breakfast on the account of all the alcohol and my stomach that needs saving.... I tell you, that is the moment: all the work seems worthwhile, being single seems like blessing from God itself, even being busy later seems to make sense. So I wake up, make breakfast and coffee, come back to bed with my computer and read all the shit ( sorry, it usually is) I find. Sometimes I like to put on an old black and white film, some romantic comedy with Doris Day or Katherine Hepburn and enjoy beautiful dresses and apartments and life in general. It's one of the rare times I can confidently say I am in the moment, I am there and then and there is nothing else in or out of my head.

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