Friday, June 15, 2012

Happiest day of the year

Not sure if you know, but scientist have calculated that today is the happiest day of the year. Let's just put aside the absurdity of calculating happiness, and enjoy this fact. Have to say, I am kind of cheery lately. Life is good... Nothing much changed, and yet I am just generally very satisfied. There are still issues and uncool stuff and "not quite where I'd like to be"  and all that, yet I am good. Few things come to mind, that might be the cause of this, but in the end it's not really important. Cause even if I knew exactly what it is, it's not like I can "fake" it at times when I am not so joyous. It's not like I can pretend there is sun, pretend that I care, pretend I am in love, pretend I have a purpose, that am succeeding. So in the end it doesn't matter what's behind it, all I can do is enjoy it while it is.
Though, looking at the illustration, am leaning to one conclusion; it might be just up to the change in attitude.


  1. I was just thinking that today, about how happiness really is a choice in a state of mind. We must be on the same wavelength :)

  2. Well Id certainly like to believe am on the same wavelength as my dearest friends. :-)
    I think there is definitely something to it, cause am looking at the drawing and it has " mess" behind her, but she is happy! :-)

  3. that's weird! what kind of scientists, do you know??? thanks for your sweet words of encouragement xxx

  4. Lovely to see a drawing that's oozing with smiles and happiness and good to see you're happy without having any specific reason but just because, my favourite kind of happy state :)

  5. What a charming & charismatic illustration! I love her elegant & lean pose. I love her styling which is classic (the black and the clothing) and modern (the yellow) at once.

    It makes me feel childish to write it, but I interprete the pink background as "the happiness" (which extends out of her aura).

    Hope you`re having a nice weekend!

    Best, Jen


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