Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wishing on a star

Ok, just to get one thing straight: This girl wasn't suppose to look worried. She was suppose to look like she is leaning on her hand and daydreaming. But I couldn't get her lips right! I just couldn't get that slight curve in it, so that at the same time it would look both prospectively correct and communicate a right feeling. So if you could just imagine it, I would very grateful. But if not and you can, maybe, identify with looking glamorous and worried at the same time... You're welcome!
Am still in the working mode. Still working on 3 jobs. Still have a fantasy of just getting out of my body and drawing day and night. Really, I have this thing where I would just love if I didn't have any physical needs like eating, sleeping, company etc. and could just draw and draw and draw. Am working on paper again and have to say until they discover some kind of screens that allow you the same amount of interaction that paper does, digital will never feel as satisfying. And working in large formats is especially fun! I tell you, action painters were on to something...


  1. I like it. and I don't think she looks worried. maybe a bit glamorously bored :)


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