Sunday, June 3, 2012

I get you bridezilla

My favorite thing ever is when it turns out I understand or can completely empathize with something I previously judged or ridiculed. And not like a cynical loving it, I mean seriously love it: I love how it shakes me out of a set reality and reminds me for the umpteenth time "Things are not always what they seem!!!!".
Obsession with the perfect wedding is the newest one. I am doing this series of drawings and the theme is weddings and brides so I have been scouring through bunch of wedding blogs and O.M.G!!! Like a proper American-mall-hanging-teenage-girl OMG. There are so many beautiful things out there and that industry, I feel, is being a bit mean. They are taking advantage of a delicate emotional time in peoples lives and "selling them happiness" in the form of sets and lace and candles and flower arrangements and ribbons and cakes and table cloths. AND there are seriously cool stuff out there! Not only things that my aunties would like. I mean properly cool designer shop/Urban Outfitters/ Anthropologie kind of cool stuff. And I can absolutely see how in that moment, when you are having a party to celebrate your (fingers crossed) only marriage to a person you think is very very cool you would want only the coolest napkins ANYONE has ever seen. I totally get that now.


  1. I hear you. I still don't get the wedding fuzz, but I love it too when I go from hating something to totally understanding what's going on... it's the nice kind of humbling!

  2. Oh it happens to the best of us. I realized I may have gone overboard when we moved, and I found 2 boxes of that votive I HAD TO HAVE, sitting in the basement. I am still holding out hope we find a use for them again, perhaps a nice table centerpiece for a dinner party?

  3. Your illustrations are so classic & poetic. The intimacy & elegance of the upper one is overwhelming.

    Sure, excitement is fantastic but obsessing over weddings, especially an aspiration to have "the perfect wedding" seems just obscene to me - seriously for people who have no other problems in life *rolls eyes*

    Hugs, A long-time single who would be grateful just to have a partner (even if it`s not marriage & not perfect)


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