Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I am remodeling

I know, I know there is no header. I am redesigning, so I constantly have to try out some new code in an effort to customize the design. I always thought why do people make such a big deal about Wordpress being different but I think I see it now: it just allows much more of the serious stuff. Blogger is great for some entry level options.You can play around with a bunch of really easy customizable options, as long as they options Blogger offers. If not, it links you to some obscure French wine making blocks and all you asked was how to get rid of the shadow on images. So yeah...

Anyways, here is some Miu MIu action from the next season. I really set myself for a challenge when I started the Alexander McQueen drawings. I tell you, pattern is hard but beehive pattern is a BITCH. Lot of trees have died in vain for me to get it right... and it's still very much an option that I won't. In the meantime feast your eyes on Miu Miu. I like it. It looks like some weird Butterfly 8 mix. Very hard around the edges though.
Off now. I need to catch some light and go for a run/hike


  1. I love the three-dimensionality & the proportions! Great work!

    Hugs, Jen

  2. oh, I love this. and what are the obscure French wine making blogs? sounds interesting. by the way, wordpress isn't perfect either. unless you go self-hosted and do it all yourself. their free service is almost more restrictive. more and nicer templates to start with, but you can't do anything with them afterwards... I'm kind of attached to blogger now. so I have to defend it a little :)


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