Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sketching Alexander McQueen

I have decided to make my posts look a bit more like my process. To make it more similar to what it's like in my head and my sketchbooks. Be warned: it might get chaotic. It definitely won't be tidy. But then again if you are looking for tidy, you probably stumbled upon this place by mistake.
At the moment I am drawing the recent fashion week collections. I am working like a new mother: in little holes of time, 10 and 15 minutes I get to take from here and there. But I moved finally and I've set up my studio (first thing I did) so I should be much better with time from now on.
I love doing the collections. In my perfect universe, I would have  2 months off after each fashion week where I would just go through the models and draw and analyze the collections. And with my own photos too (even though, I have to say, does a pretty great job these days: they really have it covered from every.single.corner. So cheers for that!)
Anyways, here are the sketches for Alexander McQueen Spring / Summer 2013. The tailoring is magnificent. I love clothes that is unbelievable and totally wearable at the same time.


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