Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to develop personal style?

No, I don't have an answer. I am asking you.

To be more specific: how do you actually follow up on what you love?

Years ago I have solved some of my issues in style by two simple decisions:

1. No boring pieces.
This way even when I don't have time/ energy/ ideas/ motivation to dress up and style myself, I will still look put together. So whatever I put on is cool on it's own (although I use the word cool here with reservation- my idea of cool changes and often things will not seem such in hindsight)
2. You only buy things that fit great.
I can love the idea idea of something as much as I want but, if it doesn't fit me great right there in the dressing room, it's a no go. And I have to capital L- Love - it! Not one of those I - guess - it could work - if... kind of likes. Reason for this is because I figure: If I don't love it now, and I will only like it less with time, when will I wear it.

This has served me well. But now... I think am ready to grow up even more. Kind of streamline my style. Define a signature look. Something that will highlight my personality. To be my own 3D logo ... okay, I just went into freaky designer territory but you know what I mean.

So, how do I do this? How did you guys do it? Any tips will do.


  1. Now I only buy pieces that I absolutely love. No more "this is ok, but why not?" pieces because I'll never wear them again.

    Fit is important too!

  2. these similarities are getting ridiculous!!!

  3. Definitely number 2, if I don't get the "awsome" glow when I put it on, it's staying on the rack. Learnt that the hard (and expensive!) way!

    Also I'm a fan of making and adjusting your own clothes... especially when it gets frustrating not being able to find affordable clothes that are also something I want to wear (and decent quality).

  4. I definitely agree on only buying pieces that fit great. I also try to go for the best quality I can afford and stock up on great basics. I think it's super important to have good basics because everything else just ads on from there. xx

  5. Those sounds like really good style decisions! I have always tried not to buy boring pieces. But I have a huge problem with "only buying things that fit" if something doesn't fit me and I like it I buy it anyways and try to sew it. For me I personally like color blocking and try to dress unique by way of color and I also enjoy vintage and try to have a unique vintage accessory with each outfit.

  6. you are the best ...

    just love scrolling through your pages


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