Sunday, October 14, 2012

The guy from Starbucks

Just so you know what frame of mind am in at the moment:
About 2 weeks ago am meeting Milla (of Not Just another Milla) at Selfridges. I decide to come early and sit in the Starbucks across the street as Starbucks usually has the highest traffic of people  therefore a lot of faces to chose from. So I sit in one of those comfy chairs they have there with a kinda-all-right-soya cappuccino and this guy asks if the seat next to me is free. I say yes, he sits down and starts reading. Am super happy about this...  because am thinking

"Yeay, people usually stay still while reading. This is perfect!!!" and I totally draw him.
And the drawing turns out pretty good. As the day up to that point was pretty bad in terms of my drawing quality I was delighted with this.
But now am looking at this and thinking:
"If the drawing is close to reality ( and it more or less is) this was a cute guy.

Eeeerrrm... maybe should have tried talking to him !?!?! Plus he reads!!!"

But this is the place I am at the moment. Very focused, but very very one sided. And this is not good. I think I will literally write fun into my calendar. I will just have to plan for it.
Otherwise I will end up at Burnout City again and that place is such a dump.


  1. hmmmm, I think I'm in a similar spot. very focused. with occasional mental hiccups or outright vomiting. but aside from that I'm actually ok with it. fun? that's so overrated ;)

  2. I love this! He is a looker ;) xx


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