Saturday, October 13, 2012

Am moving back home

This is the big change happening in my life at the moment.
This is the reason I've been "finding" all this old drawings. I've been packing. My place looks like a mess for weeks now with things half packed, shoes in boxes, dust everywhere...
There are completely legitimate reasons for this: I have some ideas / goals / plans that require certain amounts of money. I am working on ways to earn more money too but as I have some time frames I need to work around, I need to save up as much as I can. Off course due to my being careful / superstitious I can't say what those plans are just yet. So there...

For a while I've been in shock a little but this is normal I guess. I am kind of looking forward to this as it's something am doing because my life has direction, but this could produce some funny stuff. Under funny stuff I mean shouting and fighting. I predict a lot of posts under "Parents say the darnest things" category. I really have no idea how is this going to work as I haven't lived at home since I was 14. But then again I had roommates from every corner of the world and every level of sane, so am thinking a few months will pass like a breeze.
Famous last words....


  1. famous last words indeed. I'm not going into details as to how this worked out for me... but I get why you are doing it (and I don't mean the actual reason, more the life having direction thing...). good luck xxx

  2. Ooh, does this mean you're doing what I think you're doing? If so, yay! And it will totally be worth moving home for. That said, good luck! ;)

    Briony xx

  3. yes it does!:-) I think there will be plenty of posts to keep everyone posted. Only way to stay sane...:)))


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