Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ever been curious at what my day looks like? Here is one

I am still under a mountain of workload.
Which is more or less fine, unless you have a blog and you need a life you can talk about. As I don't have that, I have nothing else but to write about my day.

- I got up at 7:30 made coffee, and four slices of Melba toast for breakfast: Once slice with ham and mayo, one with jam, one with peanut butter and one with peanut butter and jam ( damn I wish I had time to draw this, it would be a funny drawing)
- I worked all morning, but refused to actually get out of bed, sitting with laptop in my lap and trying to design stuff by just using the trackpad. I made it until 9. I think I did pretty good. Am gonna try to beat that record as soon as possible!
- Even though I worked all through the morning and only by the to do list (what's not there doesn't exist. That's how prevent anxiety.), it didn't seem to become any smaller. So I decided to remove some things, move others to other days and simply add thing I did and then cross them as done.
That made me feel much better.
- Than I had an appointment with my therapist, which was great because am a total nerd and love going to see her to tell her how well I am doing.
- After that I pop to the printers and then DM (something like Boots in the UK. Not sure what is the US equivalent? Anybody?) and bought descaler for my electric kettle. As it is DM and DM is such a gentle brand (or at least this is how I perceive them) I assumed it's a lovely natural descaler. Not so much. Almost blinded me by chemical fumes when I opened to check on the progress. Also even though I did two rounds of clear water afterwards, I made tea with it and am pretty sure I drank some of that descaler.

So there... am finishing up that tea and going back to work.

You see what I mean when I tell you nothing is happening. This is my life.

P.S. Illustration is from a design competition for new stamps for Croatian post I did last year. This one is in the honor of  Vesna Parun, a wonderful Croatian poet. Another of the discoveries while sorting things out.  


  1. you are right, scary how similar our lives are like. just that the moving in and out part is reversed :) I can't wait to have a live again, and not just to blog about :) xxx

  2. erm this piece is AMAZING! still my top illustrator lady! hope the work doesn't stress you out that much.

    ps. melba toast is the best with butter and jam NOM NOM

  3. BAHAHAHA Maya I soooo have those days where nothing gets done. At least you see the humour in it all. That's life!
    Hilarious and adorable!

  4. Sounds quite comfy - this "comfort" (let`s call it calm) is needed for creative work.

    Keep going dear.

    Have a nice weekend!

    Hugs, Jen


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