Monday, November 12, 2012

Autumn colors & 50's lingerie

My favorite thing about fall is the colors. I spent the entire last week up north in the capital and I have to say continent looks much better in fall than the mediterranean. They have the right kind of trees to showcase all the golden range a leaf can achieve. And it's a right pleasure for us. Plus one day the sunset was so magnificent that it was actually trending on Instagram. One of those no FX needed kind of things. When I write things like this am reminded of how much in the future we are. How much digital and physical are entwined. If I experience digital as reality and I am almost a pre PC generation, how is it for the 20 year olds or teenagers who were practically born with a computer. But this is off subject...
Also I've been shopping for lingerie, and I would love something like this. Very 50's and vintage-y, something modest but very feminine and sensual. Grown up sexy. But, and this is a big but, it seems to me that these kind of items look good only in magazines and wonderfully styled and strategically lighted photo shoots. In real life, at least in my experience, it can look so dumpy. Specially the colors. All the champagnes and nudes and pastels can look just washed out. Specially on my white complexion with pink undertones (which I am totally into if someone asks.) On the plus side, not a trace muffin top. So I stick to the blacks and pinks and keep looking.

Also one more thing, I noticed this is the place more expensive brands do much better at. Probably because a good cut i so important here.


  1. Yeps totally agree, better to splash the cash than end up with a grandma bra :) I love Elle McPherson's brand, not too expensive but really nice stuff

  2. underwear. that's a tough topic. I agree. it's where quality really shows. it's also a bit of a waste because no one really cares about it. you know how women dress for other women. and how guys only want to get you out of underwear. I yet have to meet a guy who actually looked at it... but maybe that's just me having been unfortunate so far :)

  3. The 1950’s lingerie style was one of the notable designs that is still relevant today. That pin-up style swimsuit look was all the rage during that time – high-waisted undergarment and pointy brasseries which is a Jean Paul Gaultier trademark. Good thing new designers did not let these designs go to waste. Instead, they gave this a facelift to match the wardrobe designs today.t


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