Friday, November 9, 2012

Perfect winter outfit

This outfit is like my perfect outfit at the moment.
Down to the last detail... tone of hair color, make up, the texture of the sweater, drawing of the owl.
It's feminine but not girly. It would look great in the office yet it's not office-y, it has a dash of hipster in it. I tell you, just yummy!
To emulate it I just need to buy the sweater, the skirt, the gloves, the belt and the shoes.

I have the tights.

In other news, I have enjoyed a fulfilling social life this week. Drinks, dinners, chats, wine, giggling, laughing. The package.
So am thinking maybe this whole get up might just work out. For 2 weeks I live down south where I work my ass off, and then on the third week I come here where I see and hang out with my lovely lovely friends and they always have time for me because I don't live here. And I stop complaining I don't have balance.
It's a win/win I tell you.


  1. I really like your drawings and your words. Agree with you on the outfit, it's very nice and tights are always a start. I have a thing for owls so I quite like that one too. And the dash of hipster is certainly a good kind of dash.

  2. sounds great. I had a few days of normal social interactions and am a different person, too. I wonder how long it'll last!?

    the outfit is great. I love the skirt. just what I would wear. I'd prefer a cat instead of an owl, but aside from that it is perfect. I don't like the model, tho. she is gorgeous, but I don't like the sulky/angry look she sports all the time.


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