Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kate Moss territory

I am on the lookout for my winter ankle boots. I love ankle boots.
I have a friend who lives by very strict fashion rules and she claims they fall into the Kate Moss territory*.
But as we are not in the same town at the moment I will easily lead a secret life with my new pretty booties. And skip just like the model above.
Providing I find the one's I like. And I am looking but not finding for a while now....

*Did I not mention Kate Moss territory before? Oh, sorry. Kate Moss territory is a place which contains bunch of fashion items that look good only on Kate Moss because she has this power to make anything she wears cool. Ankle boots are there because they apparently make legs look fat and no one in the world can pull them off. Except Kate Moss. And my problem is I like too many things from Kate Moss territory; for example. I like rock-chick highlights, you know the one with untouched roots. That apparently looks good and intentional only on Kate Moss. Everyone else looks like Courtney Love on a specially bad week!


  1. no way, I've been wearing ankle boots for years. and they look good on me. don't you, or any of your friends, pretend otherwise :)


  2. Never mind Kate, you look great and you don't need me to tell you that. As for the boots, I've seen them in a lot of places, come and get a pair here in Amsterdam :)

  3. I'm a new convert to ankle boots. I'm addicted and love how my legs look in them. Wear them with that gorgeous smile of yours and even Kate may come asking for style tips :-)


  4. Just go for it! I really like ankle boots and even though I get the Kate Moss territory theory I am not sure it applies to ankle boots as much as several other things.


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