Thursday, December 6, 2012

What's the plan?

I just love when I find an image that completely embodies my state of mind. I prefer it to be illustration, but it's time to let that pipe dream go ( I mean a dream that I will have 3 new illustrations each week that will show exactly what I think and feel and would like to express. It's a small miracle I made it so far!).
So as you can see am thinking. Or to be a exact, mulling. Perfectionism is trying to sink it's claws into me and am all like "Thank you but I'll pass" and perfectionism is all like "Trust me I know what I am doing. I just want everything to be perfect. It's for your own good" and I am like "Yeah, been there done that and not much good came out of it, so I think I'll pass". I beth you thought the girl in the picture is thinking something much more romantic and glamourous. I can promise you she isn't!
Anyway, I have again taken too much on and am in a grave danger on being overwhelmed. As I've "been there done that" I want to think of a plan to make this work. Something's gotta a give and I need to come up with a workable solution.
So this is what I am thinking: I am gonna take a month off from blogging. I am going to use all the free time to draw and I'll see where this takes me. I think this is a much better option than to just go "reluctant boyfriend" on you and disappear.
Sending lots of kisses to everyone and see you on Facebook and Twitter and hopefully in one month, new and improved and ready to rock.


  1. Oh! I totally agree. beautiful stunning image!

    Johanna, Sweden

  2. Missing you already! Focus on drawing and enjoying the Christmas period.

    See you in the New Year!



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